HeadLight Company of Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Real Skull HeadLight for motorcycles 

and choppers.
Real HeadLight Company of Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Real Skull HeadLight for 

motorcycles and choppers.

HeadLight Company of Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Real Skull HeadLight for motorcycles 

and choppers.


Here at The Real Headlight Company we take pride in our products and our loyal customers, both new and existing. So we have created this testimonial webpage to post our customers e-mails, letters, and comments.

  • Thanks for the great work. I've had the light for almost 6 years now and it still looks as good as new
  • I just wanted to thank you so very much for getting the bars and mirrors to me so quickly. I gave them to my husband today and he flipped over them!! You do amazing work! I'll definitely be ordering more parts from you soon! Thank you! Arlene C.
  • Not sure if I took the time to write to you to thank you for the headlights ... I must say that I am extremely happy with my new skull headlights .. they look amazing!! You have a customer for life in Canada! Thank you for everything, and feel free to add my picture to your album on your web site. From a very happy customer, Yvan.
  • Theo Hi Theo ! Just to say that I have received your Skull Derby Cover in 13 days after you had ship it. It's perfect, more than I dreamed ! It was a pleasure to make deal with you. Thanks again ! Have a nice day ! PEACE ! Pierre D.
  • Theo I just wanted to say that the parts arrived and they are all absolutely amazing! You are truly an awesome artists and engineer, I will get you some pictures once all the pieces are on the wife's FLS. Regards, Antek
  • Theo! How have you been brother? Hope your health has held up well. I bought a Skull Intake and horn cover from you while I was in Afghanistan about a year ago. I need another one! What is your wait list looking like on your Skull Intakes? I have a 2015 Street Glide with the 103ci engine. Thanks brother! I'm ready to order now! I need to get this Street Glide looking as good as that Dyna did. Hahaha I also want that Skull horn cover to match. You had those readily available last time though. I will pay for them together when the intake is done if that's cool. Thanks again brother, that intake is definitely the best purchase I made for the last bike. Gotta have one on this one too. Chris
  • Got my light Very happy !! Big thanks and glad I waited, sent you some pics Cheers Ian T.
  • Hi Theo Went to that show I said I was trying to make Well !! Picked up two trophies Best Custom Bike And overall champion bike of the day ( over 500 bikes ) Big thanks to you sir !! Cheers Ian.
  • Hey THEO, It's KIMI from JERSEY. I need to order the turning signals for Kenny's 2008 Harley softtail custom. I want to talk to you though to make sure I get the best ones. Please call me ASAP to put the order in. By the way our skull headlight is F---ING AWESOME!!!! U ROCK!!!! LUV YA, KIMI FROM JERSEY
  • Hey there Micheal J. here from Australia, I recently purchased a Skull Headlight and Indicators from you and I was totally satisfied. I would now like to purchase a HIGH DETAILED SKULL LICENSE PLATE FRAME POLISHED.
  • Hi theo, just received the package!!!! Wow, wow and wow!!! Amazing work! It was well worth the wait. Thanks again and i'll send a pic when I get everything finished!!!! Mike
  • The stuff arrived today via Fedex... I was so excited it took awhile to get the box open.. lol I will send an e-mail and pictures as soon as its all on the bike. I am so impressed... Dave
  • Got it yesterday!!!! OMG it looks just sick. You did an amazing job Theo. Well worth the wait :) will be mounted next week I can't wait. The fingers are an added bonus. Jack can't wait lol she is excited to be unique, although now she is hooked and eying up the bony apes. A pleasure Theo and thanks again. Jack and Cheryl :)
  • Hello Christina, Please tell Theo that my chrome skeleton mirrors and skull head light arrived today. They are beautiful, and well worth the wait, as I knew they would be. Thank you guys! Ron K. Norman, OK
  • Thanks Theo, I fully understand as I started my business 30 years ago while working 2 jobs plus building the business by my self. When OBama said we didn't build our businesses I almost shot the T.V. Your products stand head & shoulders above our competition. Best of luck, you are proving the quality of Made In America is alive and well. Best regards, Dewey B. P.S. I have a project on the drawing board in which your skull with out the head light in the mouth would be a perfect fit. I will be in touch when we get further into the project
  • Got my headlight today. You are a true artist, this thing is beyond cool!! Taking it to my mechanic in about an hour. Cant wait to see it on my bike! Well worth the wait.I hope I didnt bug you with my calling ever so often, just wanted to keep in touch. Thank you. I just turned 59 and my bike is a dream come true, now even more so. Thanks again! Steve G.
  • Hi Theo, I recieved the headlight yesterday and its perfect thank you its been a delight dealing with you Thanks, Nick J.
  • to whom it may concern just letting you know i have received my order, looks fantastic. Hope to do future business with you Thanks Micheal
  • Theo - excellent work. Better than I expected and it was worth the wait. Kevin from Australia
  • Theo, Received my headlight this morning and fitted it later on in the day. Although the wait was long, the result is amazing. This is the badest, meanest, mad headlight I have ever seen. It looks amazing on the bike. I'll send some pics when I get a chance. It goes well with the skull indicators and horn cover. Thanks also for the listed price, any dearer and customs would have stung me 10 percent tax, the bastards. Again, thanks for an amazing headlight. Cheers mate, Chris W.
  • Hi Christina, I received the item from Fedex this afternoon and I have to say WOW, it really is some piece of work. I'll be mounting it on my custom build and will be sure to email ya's a picture of it when I'm done. Also wanted to let ya's know, I made sure to leave ya's good feedback and when ya get the chance would appreciate the same. I also wanted to say thank you to Theo and everyone at The Real Headlight Company, for a great item, Jim.
  • Hey Theo I received my skull headlight and I'm very very pleased. I appreciate all the hard work you did very much. The headlight was worth the wait. I will send a picture of it on my bike after it is installed. Also I'm very interested in the handlebars you make. Think I will purchase some soon. Again thanks you do awesome work. Dave S.
  • Hi guys, it's been a couple years and a couple hundred changes on my bike. And STILL the headlight gets most of the attention and compliments. People just love your headlights. Thank you again. Tracy K. aka Z
  • Hi Theo just put the skull derby on what a Sick piece the craftsmanship is unreal, very happy with it and it will make it into photo shoot I will send a pic of the shoot and let you know when it will be in mag thanks again have a great turkey day!
  • I finally got the skull derby cover and I must say it was worth the wait....if you made this by hand you are an artist, the bike was already a best of show candidate at every show I take it to, I believe this will elevate it even higher....awesome work, I will send you a picture in the next few days so you can see what your work went into.....thanks again, if I decide to expand on the skull theme further I will definately give you a call....rick =
  • We received our parts... thank you the parts are beautiful! Joint Effort Cycles, South Africa
  • I didnt mention it in the first email bit I am very pleased with light and the workmanship. Thank you, Steven F.
  • Good day Theo heres some pics of my bike just got all my items on today they look great have received a lot of great comments on them. They were worth the wait,maybe you can use some on your web site once again thanks for a great product and helping me with any questions that i may have asked. Have a great day;your Canadian friend, Gordon C.
  • Well My Bros, Wheeled the scooter out to a bike show this afternoon and took the 1st place Trophy, AND the prize money !! Couldn't have done it without your work,,,It is truly a MASTERPIECE !! Check out the photos ! Thanks again... I think that you guys are the Very BEST in making this bike come alive...or DEAD as it may be !!! Thanks for Everything, Sunset "BoogieMan" C. Fort Worth Texas
  • Hi Theo, just wanted to say this skull headlight is the sickest, well worth waiting for, thank you. I made sure to leave you really good feedback and would appreciate the same when you get the chance, Jim.
  • Theo, thank you very much for your talent,I and all that have witnessed your art have been beyond impressed. Here are some pics to view on your site .You are welcome to use them as you please. GREAT ART WORK! If you would like more views let me know. Jeff M.
  • Hey Theo; just checking in to see how those skull signals are coming along. By the way, wherever I go people just go "ape shit" over my headlight. Jim M.
  • Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that the Mini Boney Apes I ordered arrived today. Thank you for an awesome product and fantastic service. Kindest Regards Lisa G.
  • Woo Hoo! Thank you!! We have another bike to deck out, so I'm sure we'll be in touch! If y'all would like to send us some of your business cards, we're more than happy to promote great business and great products...and you definately deliver both! I already passed your website on to a few dudes at our local Harley shop. Thanks again, Theo. Ride safe. Maia & Dude
  • Dear skully1337, I have just purchased a set of the salute pegs and feet along with skeleton stand cover I am super impressed with the quality of these and the detail I will send you photos of my bike when finished if you like. I will be getting your skull headlight also when the funds allow your service is superb and packing and attention to detail in all aspects is wonderful thankyou very much Greg Australia
  • Hi theo, gotta say this is f#*king sick, it was definitely worth the wait, can't wait to show it off, unfortunately can't till spring but when I do she will turn some heads, thank you for ur art, I'll be ordering more products in the near future, thanks again, happy holidays, n a bright new yr.....
  • THEO!! You're the man! We just got our mirrors and kickstand, and they are even MORE kick ass than we expected. A million thanks for sharing your talent with us =) I'll definitely hand out your catalogs to our custom buddies, and I already gave your website to the parts guys at the San Jac Harley in Houston. Thanks again for being 100% awesome to do business with, and we'll be in touch when we start our next project. Regards, Dude & Maia
  • Hello; I had ordered a headlight and mirrors from you. Well this is just to say thanks as I believe that these pieces helped in my winning 6 First Place trophies and one second place trophy as well as an invite to The World Of Wheels Show in Chicago and a spot as a readers ride in the May 2010 Easyriders Magazine. THANKS AGAIN Earl S.
  • Will do!! Again thanks for the fast shipping I will be sure to spread the word through my fellow biker buddys that is the way to go! Dave
  • Hey Theo, got the Skull belt buckle today, and it's evn better than I expected. My wife even loves it. Thanks for the quick service. Jim M.
  • Hi Theo, Here are some shots of the headlight on my Deuce, In the northern Alberta oil sands town of Fort McMurray. I took it out for a run yesterday (it was up to 8 degrees) and people seemed to like it. Dave C.
  • Hey Theo, That is great!!! Thanks for the almost instant response. It is a breath of fresh air to do business with a customer friendly company!! You have made my day! Dave
  • Theo, I love the head light!! Everyone asks me about it and I tell them about your site. I couldnt be happier with it. I'll send some pics of my bike once Im finished with it. Thad R.
  • Here's the rest. I hope from these you can get good enough ones you can use. It was good getting your e-mail as I wasn't sure you got the mail I sent. I'm going To try to find a spot light bar and lights that I can send you so I don't have to unwire Mine so hang in there. Hands around the spots will be awesome.. Anyway thank you for getting back to me.. Oh and this bike has taken two first place Trophies so far in the soft tail class. Local bike shows at the Harley shops. No biggie But I like it.. Talk soon..... Dave From Maine
  • I thought that I would send out this e-mail to let you know that your SKULL headlight looks great on the front of my FATBOY. This has resulted in numerous photos being taken of my bike during this last week..Street Vibrations Fall Rally in Reno, Nevada. There should be an over-abundance of phone calls to your company, seeing as there were lots of inquiries as to where I got that AWESOME headlight. I recommend your company to everyone with a motorcycle. One other item to pass to you.I believe you should contact High Performance Custom Cycles, LLC (contact: Will) about becoming an authorized dealer of your excellent product line, when I discussed this with them, they said to have you contact them, (775-828-0404). Once again I would like to thank you for your excellent service, especially kudos to THEO, he was outstanding!!. Thank you from a very satisfied customer, Bruce A.
  • Hi Theo! Here are some pics I told you I would send. The Headlight and Mirrors are AWESOME! Thank You so much for a GREAT Product! Rock On Brother, Rocky
  • Hi Theo: I received my headlight today. Thanx again, it is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it. I am going to order the signals when I get back from holiday. Talk to you then..........Sue
  • The skull headlight got here just fine yesterday. It's most Awesome and looks alot better than the pictures that i choose it from. Outstanding job for sure. I'll send a picture to you of it after i get it installed. And trust me i will be saving my pennies for the skull air intake and will call to order it when the money is saved. You all can call me Dave. (lol) Real Headlight Co. is so kewl... Sure glad i found you all on the internet.. Keep Smiling and know that you've gained a friend here in Maine. I'll try my best to get you more orders as you can bet i'm going to be showing this Skull Headlight off and alot. Be well and again Thank You All.... Dave
  • Theo, Please stop sending me your skull products. My neighbors now call the police on me whenever they see my bike. My neighborhood association has sued me and demanded I keep my bike in the garage because it scares women and small children. Even their dogs fear to chase it.....The FedEx delivery man refuses to accept your skull items for delivery-I have to take off work to go pick them up. Whenever I ride the bike now only trashy tattoed women will talk to me, and then they rip off their clothes, jump on my scoot and embarrass me in public.....All my ex wives think I am totally sick and refuse to let me visit with my kids. My most recent ex wife is suing me claiming I had the headlight and air cleaner made in her likeness to slander her. She is insisting you remake it to not seem as scary as her. I am sick of dealing with crowds whenever I stop for gas, and also the havok the bike causes at every redlight. So please Theo, if I send you more money, just send it back......OK? Keith :)
  • Heck yeah bro I got my new air breahter is is kick ass............................ I'm wanting to order a horn cover next...Martin G.
  • hi there thanks, the bits came and they were fantastic! They are really well made. My mate stayed up till 3 in the morning putting them on his trike, he is over the moon well well worth the wait. I must send you some pictures of the bits on the trike it looks real cool, anyway thank you very much for now. keith U.K.
  • Theo, Here's a pic for your website, thanks to you "The Joker" bike just took 1st place in a bike show that had over 300 entries. Nick D.
  • Hi Theo, Heres a picture showing the real headlight and intake. Thanks for the awesome parts, I get people taking pictures all the time. Brandon
  • I stumbled on your website by mistake and sure am glad that I did. Your headlight make the others (headwinds and skullman) look comical. Jim
  • Hello Theo, Got the headlight..... Mister, you have really made lots of improvements from your original design. It's perfect. And it is MORE than brite enough. It lights much better than stock! I carried it into the local biker bar after work today. Placed it on the bar. The place was packed and everyone swarmed it. They had a thousand questions and everyone wanted to hold it....I finally got it home and installed. It was dark by then so it was easy to aim.....A short ride later, I was totally impressed with the light pattern and intensity. It was well worth the money and the wait! Thanks Theo! Keith S.
  • Rode it to work today......lots of bikers at worksite.....ALL went nuts over your artwork. At the biker bar yesterday, everyone had their cell phones out taking pics....I've decided to keep the bike and continue to skull it out with more of your work....I guess I need to mount that stuff with theft-proof fasteners if I expect to keep it, huh? :) Keith S.
  • Theo, Got in all my parts today. SICK!!!!! I can't wait to get them on the bike! As soon as I do I will send some pictures! Well worth the wait. Thanks Jason
  • We received it without any problems. My husband loved it. It was well worth the wait. Thanks, LeeAllie
  • Thank you for your e-mail. I received the horn cover today and I have to say "Holy S**T". It is better than I expected. Thanks again. Chris B.
  • Hello, I received your skull headlight today. I can't find any words to describe it. It is the best x'mas gift for me. Thank you, Li
  • Got the order yesterday and every thing was in fine order. Can't wait to get them on the bike. Thanks for everything and happy holidays Todd H.
  • Hey Theo, I told you that I would send pics when I was done, so here they are...Everything turned out really great, thanks alot. Bill K.
  • Theo, WOW!!!! I can honestly say that I was gob smacked when I opened the box and saw the headlight for the first time. It was certainly worth the wait, I am very pleased with it , Thank you. Regards and Respect, Gavin.
  • You guys are the greatest, got the bars and mirrors Saturday,already went for powdercoat and paint. My painter never seen anything like them, he loves them and so do I. I,ll be ordering the signals very soon,thanks again Patrick k.P.S. if your ever in nj drinks on me
  • Just returned from vacation to a great surprise. After opening the box I have to say it was well worth the wait. This is the sickest looking thing I've ever seen, and you can quote me on that. I'll be sending a photo of my bike with my new headlight as soon as I get it installed. Thanks again.
  • Your products are going to turn this little town upside down
  • Hey guys... just wanted you to know that I just recieved my derby skull cover and wow .. it was worth the wait.... awesome looking on the bike.. thanks and look forward to getting my breather...nice work.............J. Shapiro
  • Hi Theo, Bruce and I just got home and I wanted to e-mail you and say thanks again for your hospitality and letting us look around your shop, I think your work is fantastic and I can hardley wait for my headlight to get processed. I look forward to doing more business with you Bruce & Billie
  • Theo...........Got the parts in today awesome truly awesome.. more than happy, you are the SKULL MASTER My carburetor is a MIKUNI The model is BSR40 If you would let me know when find out if your man can make a bracket for the breather for my 2001 Roadstar Just so I'll know I got the breather coming later on . Theo Thank you very much. Have a great day. Your Brother..... HaneyBo
  • Hello, I got my skull turn signals yesterday.....Theo, you are a truely sick/demented person....Anyone who could come up with stuff like this needs therapy.....But please don't seek therapy untill I get my headlight! LOL! Seriously, these turns are fantastic! THANK YOU! THANKS!, Keith
  • Hi Theo, Went to the show. The lights were such a hit everyone was taking pictures and commenting on the skulls. They thought they were awesome and so do we. Anyway we won 1st in gravel truck best lights,1st in gravel trucks and peoples choice. Great job on the headlights. We'll send you the pictures tomorrow via snail mail. Thanks Ron & Jill Ruddick
  • Hey Theo... I love my skull headlight... it's a hit wherever i go... i've had a few people ask me where i got it and i gave them your website... my mechanic put a 30amp fuse in front of everything and it has been working great... i really love riding around now showing off your handywork... it is so kewl... thanks theo and i'll be ordering those front and rear skull turn signals soon... you are the man... thanks theo... respectfully, jack
  • Theo, Just wanted to say thank you! The horn cover arrived on saturday the 14th via fed ex with no problem! The sculpture is beautifully done, and looks AWESOME on the deuce! You will definately hear from me soon, as I am considering ordering the skull and crossbones headlight! Thanks again! Mike
  • Awesome looking work, much more realistic than most I've seen.
  • You guys have the coolest accessories I've ever seen! I've admired the skull headlight for a long time (seen it in mags), but I almost fainted when I saw the bone ape-hangers! God those are cool! After my tax-return, I'm getting one of each for my ride! Congrats on a nice site too. Ronnie H.
  • To Whom It May Concern, I am often a difficult and discriminating consumer. Recently I saw a Real Headlight at a motorcycle show and had to have one for my custom gothic themed trike. I placed my order online and was promptly informed that the product was back ordered. I was very pleased with how quickly the company informed me of this and I was more than willing to wait. After a week or so I emailed them again to get a status on my order. The next day I got an email from the company letting me know that my order would be shipping in the next few days (which was way ahead of their schedule). Real Headlight is a fantastic company to do business with and I really appreciate how quickly they respond to their customer. Sincerely, Scott G.
  • Theo, i got the headlight today,it is sick!!!!!!!and well worth the wait.thanks alot. Robert.
  • Thanks mate....its a bloody masterpiece....Mike.
  • HI Guys, Just wanted to say i got all the parts and they are amazing. The web site does not do justice to the quality of the work you guys do. Thanks again for all your help and assistance and i promise to let you have some pictures of the bike once i have it finished. Great job. Phil
  • Hello Theo and Cristina, Last year I ordered the limited edition skull headlight from your shop. A few months ago my bike was finally finished and like to show you the result. I think the headlight really completes my bike and I'm very glad with it. Thanks again for the quick professional service from a proud biker, Ren
  • Received my skull signal lights on may 20th. They are well worth the wait!! Lights look like quality and not just a cheap piece of junk. Thank you!! Here is a picture of my bike. Flames and skulls. Now all I need is my boney apes then Ill order a skull and cross bone headlight.
  • Theo, I wanted to let you know that I received the headlight yesterday and am thus far very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship . I am sure it will help give the chop that extra pop. Thanks again and have a great holiday Party Hearty just Don't Get Caught
  • Wow!!!!!!!!! That is so F^%ing cool!!!!! I think it looks fantastic. Thank you all so much and it sure looks to be worth the wait. Thank you and your entire Real Headlight Team. Brian
  • I just recieved my tail lights...holy crap! Tell Theo that I love them, and can't wait to install them. I'm sure I'll be ordering the front set before long! Thanks again, Michael
  • Hi Theo, just a quick message to say thanks for the headlight & mirrors which arrived last week. They're awesome and look great on the chopper!! Many thanks again. Wayne
  • Ok, placed my order and used paypal. I specified the rod length in the paypal comments. Hope to get it soon!!! Thanks. Tim N. PS: You have some really bad-*ss products!!
  • Theo, It took awhile, but worth the wait. Las Vegas Bike Week starts Thursday. The Mirrors are already installed, ingenous design. Thanks for a great product. J. Jeffers Las Vegas NV
  • Theo- Thank you for your work to get this shipped prior to x-mas! Merry Christmas! Mike
  • Thanks again, got it installed and works and looks great! -- Miranda T.
  • no problem they showed up the day after I sent you the email. awesome lights they look wicked mounted on my bike. nice workmanship too, thanks again Sean S.
  • Got the bike back and wanted to share some photos with you for your VTX 1800 customers to see what the skull headlight looks like on one. Enjoy! Renee O./Very satisfied customer!
  • To Theo and everyone at Real Headlight, I just want to say hi and thanks. I get compliments on this skull headlight everywhere I go. Grown ups and kids alike really get a big kick out of it. My 2 year old niece made a big ol' squeal and giggle when the eye lit up. I USED to get compliments on the bike, now everybody just sees the headlight ha ha. It's my first personal touch on my new 2008 Softail. It really sets off the bike already. Here's a couple of pics. Thanks again. Tracy

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Real HeadLight Company of Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Real Skull HeadLight for motorcycles and choppers.
Real HeadLight Company of Stone Mountain, Georgia. The Real Skull HeadLight for motorcycles and choppers.